Celebrating with friends

For last few years, a ritual I seriously followed on my birthday was to paint. This was to ensure that I do my favorite activity at least once in a year. However, this time, I decided to do photography at a nearby bird sanctuary along with my husband. I had visited Sultanpur bird sanctuary earlier when I tried to take pictures of birds with my basic camera lens. Having birds as your subject at some distance is a challenge with 18-55mm  so I included a 70-300mm zoom lens in my repository. Here’s sharing with you some of the very first pictures taken by my new apparatus.


Considering the ambiguity about the opening time of the sanctuary we reached there at about 10 Am and figured out that it opens at 7 am now a day. Although, I was fearing that we might not find the birds in variety, given the sun rays had entered in abundance inside their habitat, we got to see quite a variety of them. It was difficult to notice the minute physical attributes from a distance (they all looked brownish or greyish). I realised this even more, after looking at the pictures later.


The purple or Western Swamphen, Bluethroat, Northern pintail, Gadwall and Eurasian teal were some of the migratory birds that were easily identifiable. Spot-billed duck, Greater coucal, Indian pond heron, Indian night heron, Grey heron, Red-wattled lapwing and Golden prinia were some Indian birds that I was able to capture, along with omnipresent Rose-ringed parakeet, Great egret, Indian cormorant and white-throated kingfisher.



Domestic antelope was another unavoidable species residing in the park.


The visit was incomplete without some shots of the park- the grass, the branches, the leaves and the decor.

This was my first trial with the new 70-300mm and I enjoyed celebrating my birthday with such lovely hosts and guests (domestic and migratory birds). Winters is the best time to visit a bird sanctuary, therefore, this is the time for all the bird lovers.

A visit becomes more interesting if you have a companion who shares your subject of interest. I would like to thank my companion for being there with me 😉




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